MAXMUI CO., LTD. has relevant experience of many years with electronics design and looking for electrical parts. 
Our goal is focus on provide excellent electronics services, such as electrical parts supply (semiconductor with AEC-100、AEC-101 especially)、ODM/OEM electronics and other vehicle parts(ex. LED parts and UVC sterilizer), even PCB layout、assemble and carbon fiber parts. 

Our Services :

1. ODM/OEM ( ex. PCBA / module / assemble / Logo / labeling for automobile or consumer electronics, etc.)

2. Component Supply:
(1). MCU: Such as Renesas (RX/RA/RL Series)、Texas Instruments (MSP Series)、Microchip, etc. 

(2). CONVERTER: Such as DC to DC (TPS54531DDAR), etc.

(3). SWITCH: Such as Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.、OMRON (G6D-F4B DC12V), etc.