Maxmui® was founded in 2015 by Mr. Allen Chang. The company - MAXMUI Co., Ltd. focus on ODM / OEM Audio Products (up to Hi-End quality) and Electric Heater. Some of the early projects also have Deep Ultraviolet C-type (DUVC) Sterilizing Device
 and Electrical Violin.

2015 - The Maxmui® was born in Taiwan : Electrical Violin.

2016 - TWS(True Wireless Stereo) Audio Prototype.

2017 - The Portbo® was born in Taiwan : Electrical Heater.

2017 - Kaohsiung MEGA Maker DayDIY Kits - ICE Ball

2018 - Innovation Award Semifinalist - Industrial Technology Research 
            Institute (ITRI): DUVC Sterilizing Device. 

2018 - Taipei AMPA ShowHi-End sound quality CarKit

2018 - Taipei 5-Star Hotel Audio Device Supplier.

2019 - New Product: XBit Headphone 

2019 - New Product: UltraViolet Sterilizing Cutlery Case.


  • 7 years of relevant experience in designing audio products and consumer electronics.
  • DRC Conflict-Free and RoHS in our products.
  • Ability to offer flexible design and fully certifications.

The Major Products:
XBit - Wireless Audio Devices (ex. Headsets and Adapter)
DUVC - Deep Ultraviolet C-type Sterilizing Device
Portbo - Electric Heater
Maxmui - Electrical Violin / Component Supply / OEM Services